1463728_10151857453508250_889828805_nA Bread, a Tree, a Forest: For All Children!” is the international participatory initiative I3C is launching at the First World Summit of Community Arts Centers and Network in 2014 together with the Bulgarian Centre for Sustainable Local Development and Ecopedagogy, and inspired by the Bread Houses Network ( It is aimed at educating children, youth and adults to create social and ecological harmony and sustainability for restoring the equilibrium and the ecosystems on our planet Earth. It stems from the Elzéard project, organized in the Italian Alps through the work of Trentino’s politician Mr. Roberto Bombarda. “Elzéard was the name of the shepherd from a story by Jean Giono, a “hero” who, in the silence of the years, has planted thousands of trees in a semi-deserted region, bringing it back to life. A humble action, without contemporary recognition, intended for the benefit of future generations, but worthy of God’s work” (Bombarda, 2012).

Our initiative “A Bread, a Tree, a Forest: For All Children!” has some concrete purposes:

– Building a healthy, creative and fruitful childhood through a holistic and participatory ecopedagogical approach “Kids Save the Earth”;

-Integrating Indoor Education always with Outdoor Education Activities, leading to concrete children’s actions for social and ecological welfare;

– Uniting unique educational methods such as “bread therapy”, “soil and plant therapy”, and the “cooperation instead of competition therapy” for restoring children’ health and with this restoring also planet Earth’s health.

– Fully active, participatory and sustainable integration of people from disadvantaged groups and appreciating their equal human value for creating a better world and a better future for all!


Bombarda, R. For a Better Possible World: Some Ideas and Proposals from Trentino: “A Child, a Tree, a Forest”. In: Grigorov, S (edt.). 2012. International Handbook of Ecopedagogy for Students, Educators and Parents. A Project for a New Eco-Sustainable Civilization. BCSLDE, Sofia. Free for download at:

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